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Chief Executive Officer

When Bob Brian’s name comes up in professional circles, it’s often linked with “Visionary.” He’s carved a niche for himself in the gaming industry that’s not just enviable — it’s epic. With more than 17 years of experience with over 400 casinos deploying over 3,000 promotions, Brian is legendary. Todd Moyer, a casino manager in Pennsylvania, puts it succinctly, “Bobby Brian gets it. He knows gaming, what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t.”

As the “Power Pair” behind the stellar rise of Dallas-based SCA Promotions, Brian and his wife, Sheila, have launched a new company that has a defined goal of doing nothing less than revolutionizing the way gaming is conceived and promoted. AGame is out to deliver goods, whether small or large, on-time and on-budget. In his role as Vice President of SCA Gaming, Brian became an integral part of the marketing and promotional calendars for executives on four continents — and where SCA stopped is where AGame begins. Brian is determined to surpass his prior performance by making AGame the nimble, powerful ally casinos need and want in challenging markets.

Brian stated, “With the new economy, there are new opportunities for casinos — but only if they’re willing to deploy cutting-edge strategies and solutions. I’m here to leverage my skill sets against client needs and I’m going to do it in new and innovative ways.” With Brian’s pedigree, there’s no one doubting he’ll succeed. AGame is likely to be the new marketing tsunami everyone is looking for that provides the ticket out of current economic doldrums. That’s a bold promise. But the safe money is on AGame — after all, Brian is at the helm.